Placing The Order


Just what am I getting into and what else will be needed.

Monday – April 23, 2018

Looking through the Forge World website I chose the Warlord Titan body, head, an a weapons load out and placed my order late Friday night and received a conformation email this morning. Production has begun and I will be receiving my Warlord Titan in 7-10 days. I have, in the past, assembled Games Workshop armies from 7 different factions and many Forge World vehicles so I am aware of what these companies positive and negative qualities are.

Knowing that I now owned a Titan I started doing some planing. Both my Astra Militarum and my Adepta Sororitas have a hatred of Orks so I would place some destroyed Ork equipment ar the feet of my Titan. My other armies are along the Eastern Fringe of Segmentum Ultima so my titan should be part of Legio Victorum from the forge world Triplex Phall. This gives me several icons and a blue and gold color scheme. You can find out more about Minkar here.

I picked up several GW kits today to be used as fodder on the base of my titan. I will build a diorama base that will allow an oval shaped titan base to set into it for display. This means I can place the titan on a game table if my friends ever let me. A Blitza-Bommer, Battlefield Accessories, Thermic Plasma Conduits, and Sector Imperialis Objectives along with Jersey Barriers, Gothic Tank Traps, Sandbag Wall Set, Brass Etch Razor Wire, and Tree Stumps from Secret Weapon Miniatures will, I think, be the start of my scenic base.

Time – 45 minutes.

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