Building a Titan

The Titan Project

I have been playing tabletop miniatures games since the early 1980’s when FASA released Battletech and started playing Warhammer 40,000 in 1998. I have assembled and painted at lest 2 armies in 12 different game systems from 7 different design studios. U have also picked up models and kits from almost a dozen other studios such as Atlantis Miniatures, Scale 75, Black Sun Miniatures, Raging Heroes, Perry Miniatures, Victoria Miniatures, Modiphius Entertainment, and Wargame Exclusive. I have worked in plastic, metal, resin, balsa, foam and MDF. Lately I have been doing more with scenery, vehicles, displays and larger items. 

In January I started thinking about what this years big project might be. 8th edition of Warhammer 40K had brought me back to Games Workshop and I had just finished a full armored platoon of Leman Russ. What can I do to stretch my self. What is out there that is above everything else I have on my shelves?

That day my Macharius Vanquisher arrived from Forge World. On top of the box was a Forge World catalogue with a picture of a Warlord Titan. “Well”, I thought, “thats bigger than everything I’ve boult.” It was a joke but the more I thought about it the more I realized that now is the time for me to try this project. 

This is a big undertaking that will stretch my skills in many ways. And since there are less than 700 of these models made to date there should be some kind of documentation of how I go about this. I will try to document the process as I go explain my thoughts, the tools I use, my techniques and solutions.