The Story of Minkar

The Minkar star system was created as my space to imagine the 41st millennium as seen in Games Workshop’s Warhammer 40,000. I am usually more about the story than about the rules and tend to build elaborate backstories and plot lines with which to expand my playing of the tabletop miniatures game.

The Minkar Star System has a long history of being a staging area for the Imperium’s many wars. The ongoing attempt to remove the Ork infestation of the Eastern Fringe has lasted several millennium and made Minkar a seat of power.

Minkar’s contribution to the Imperium’s standing army, the Astra Militarum, is The Minkar Imperial Grenadiers RDF, a full command with over a million men under arms.

Established on Minkar over 5 millennial ago the Adeptus Ministorum requested that Adpetus Sororitas Order of the Sacred Rose establish a convent militant on Minkar. Almost 10,000 Sisters of Battle now serve from the convents campus on Minkar III.

The tech-priests of the Cult Mechanicus of Triplex Phal took note of the loyalty shown by House Steiner-Rohre since before current records can tell. The Imperial Knights of this great house and just over 500 members of this house were saved when their planet was lost to an Ork infestation and relocated to Minkar III.

Legio Victorum Was formed on Mars and their first battle was during the Schism of Mars. They have since become aligned with Triplex Phall and moved to the Eastern Fringe. A cohort along with a warlord titan, the Vindicta nostra have been stationed at Minkar to work with House Steiner-Rohre.