Who is The Tekwych?

I started playing RPGs not that long after they were invented. Within a decade I had found Battletech miniatures and my love of tabletop gaming began. While miniatures and boardgames had to take a back seat to real life I was able to keep up my RPGs. Games Workshop, FASA, TSR, Talsorian, Palladium and more gave me dozens of worlds to explore.

Three careers later and I am at a point where I can get back to my love of gaming in earnest. In 2016 I started reworking a spare room into a game room and hobby workbench. With this space I was able to get back to an (almost) daily painting routine. Hobby space, gaming space, shelve space have been added. The most resent addition is a Table of Ultimate Gaming that should arrive in the next few months.

I have been working with several game studios to demonstrate games, play test, and help the several FLGSs manage some of they’re organized play. Board games and card games are a great way to bring people together, to learn new things about each other, and even find new team building ideas to bring coworkers together.

My first GW kit was the 3rd edition box starter in 1998. My life was settling down and I again had room for the hobby side of gaming. I gave away the marines and started a Dark Eldar army. Soon after I got my first Sisters Of Battle set. I have built and sold off many armies, mostly xenos, but lovely ladies of the Adepta Sororitas have survived every purge and grown to a beautiful 3000 point army.  On my shelves now are the Sisters, an Astra Militarum army with lots of Forge World vehicles, and several Knights.

I collect and play many other games as well. I own at least two full armies and the rule sets for Kings of War, Gates of Antares, Blood and Plunder, Infinity, Warpath, Guild Ball, Dreadball, Wild West Exodus and more. there are some 200 board games, almost a dozen card games and dozens of RPG systems (mostly digital these days). My game room and hobby workbench are, most likely, the most used room in the house.

As I am now well into the second half of my first century it is the hobby side of things that keeps me in. Building models, modifying and kit-bashing, painting and basing are where I get the most enjoyment. MDF serenely and 3D printing also offer a wonderful outlet for creativity. I continue to work with several companies as a play tester and demonstrator of games and with local stores to maintain a healthy organized play community.

I am The Tekwych