Being Able To Play And Display


I see parts within parts…

Thursday – May 10, 2018

As I said last time I will be removing an oval shaped ‘game base’ from the center of the display base. I set up 2 10” circles and connected them with straight, parallel lines. The three layers of the base are screwed together both outside and inside the cut line. I am using my Dremel and a side cutting bit to make these cuts. A metal straight edge helps guide me along the sides of the oval but the radius cuts will have to be freehand. Also half an inch of MDF is to much for my Dremel, I will have to do all of this in to separate passes. I make a .25 inch plunge and cut the fist straight line then set the bit death to half inch and follow my first path to deepen the cut. 4 passes along the straight side and 4 more passes along the curves has freed the center play base. I have to remove the .75 inch screws at the center and replace them with half inch screws so I don’t scratch up my workspace and clean up all my cuts and edges but now I have a place for my Titan to stride into battle from. 

Time – 2 Hours.

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